The last month of the year is when everyone can use tips to navigate holiday parties. It can be a time when unique sets of challenges come up for those of us seeking a healthier lifestyle. 

✔️ Trying to juggle the holiday party invitations 

✔️ The influx of food and sweets 

✔️ Busier schedules 

These things can all wreak havoc on our sanity – and our waistlines.

A key to avoid derailing your nutrition goals at holiday parties is to have a game plan so you that can be prepared ahead of time. 


If the party is at someone’s house this may mean finding out what they will be serving and bringing your own healthy alternative. 

Or it may mean having a small healthy snack so you don’t arrive hungry. 

It may also mean telling yourself that you will allow yourself a couple of bites of the main dishes and one dessert.


If the party is at a restaurant, take a quick glance beforehand at the menu so that you can decide what you should eat. 

This will help avoid a rushed decision and you will be more mindful about what you order. 

The point is not to deprive yourself. 


Drink your liquid.

Remember the rule, no drinking 20-30 minutes before or after food?

Staying hydrated and following the no food with liquid rule will keep you from snacking.

You must be mindful, not to drink your calories. Cocktails are loaded with sugar and calories can add up quickly.

It’s a season of celebrating, and enjoying food with our loved ones is a great way to do that.

The strategy is to arm yourself with a plan against the temptation to go overboard or jeopardize your progress.