Set a goal, they say…

Visualize it coming to fruition, they say…

Develop consistent, healthy habits, they say…

Then you shall reach your goals. 

But let’s be real for a second.

How many times have you taken all of the steps to get back in shape and weight just isn’t falling off?

I feel that.

One day you’re in full control and the next, your goals have gone from portion control and mindful eating to …how many donuts do you think I can fit in my mouth? 

Been there

Want to know the secret to how I actually started to change my relationship with food and eating healthy?

Ok, there’s more than just one…. 

But let’s start here, with these suggestions that have changed the way I look at food, so I have a healthy relationship with food:

– Just because I CAN or WANT something, does not mean I need to act on that desire.

– I recognize addictive foods and happily refuse them.

– Cupcakes and kale coexist – but I don’t need too many cupcakes.

– I get pleasure from eating slowly and enjoying the meal.

– I use food to fuel my body, not reward it (for the most part!)

– My size is the least interesting thing about me.

I encourage you to say some of these mantras – or create your own – on a daily basis.

And remember, it is a healthy JOURNEY, not a race.