Setting big goals and dreams means we don’t know how we will get there.

One of the reasons that it is so exciting when a dream comes true is that we weren’t able to see the path to get us there right away.

If we knew the path, that would be a plan.

Plans are good.

You may have heard the expression: 

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

But plans are not big goals and dreams.

We often keep our goals small so we can control and achieve them.

Setting big goals makes us vulnerable.

What if we fail?

What will people think?

It is exciting and scary. 

Maybe you are fighting an uphill battle. Or diagnosed with something hard. Or just feel scared and anxious.

Maybe your dream or goal seems impossible right now.

Good 🙂

We cannot control the outcome of events and situations. We cannot look into the future and know exactly what will happen.

But we can control what we decide to do.

We can dream and play big.

Or we can dream and play safe.

Do you feel excited and scared when you are embarking on something new?